Institutional Outreach: creative engagement for all

If the 20th Century was characterized by the pen and print 21st Century is destined to be characterized by the digital technology and the visual medium. This has created a wider scope for the young and the old to participate creatively in the cultural sphere. MMFSA wants to facilitate this process through its Institutional Outreach. By this we mean to encourage creative use of film and digital medium for educational, artistic and recreational purposes. This we do by reaching out to students and teachers in colleges and schools and employees of government offices and corporate houses through their cultural clubs. We have designed different programmes to suit different interests and needs.

1. Film as Art and Education: Going Beyond Commercial Cinema

This is a one-day workshop meant for college students who want to get introduced to filmmaking grammar and its creative potential. There is no big cost involved but we want the host institution to accommodate 40 to 50 students with projection facility.

2. Promotion of Film Clubs and Film Viewing in Collaboration

The idea is to promote a reflective film-viewing culture and using film as educational material for understanding historical, social, cultural aesthetic and international issues. We help colleges and schools to organise film clubs/film viewing on the basis of special MOUs.

3. Short Film Making as a Hobby:

Workshop for the Employed These workshops are aimed at those who nurture filmmaking, as a hobby or for those who wants to pursue filmmaking as a second career. We specially do these workshops supported by the office recreation clubs and cultural clubs of the corporates.

4. Teaching Filmmaking to Children: Training Workshop for School Teachers

This is a specially designed workshop for school teachers who are interested in guiding children in short filmmaking as creative self-expression in children. This is a little advanced level workshop and is done on the cost-replacement basis. 5. Creative Use of Short Films: Workshop for Children We also organize ‘learn to make your Short Film’ workshop for children in schools on cost replacement basis.write my papercustom essay

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