Six Month diploma in filmmaking (Evening)

Part-time courses were started in 2015. Already four batches of part-time students have passed out. This course is meant for those who are already employed or otherwise cannot afford to commit one full year. Part-time course will have all the components of filmmaking, like script writing, cinematography, editing, acting and directing. The course will also expose you to the artistic and aesthetic sides of filmmaking. There will be both theoretical and practical orientation.

Difference between Part-time and Full-time Course

In terms of aim and purpose, both try to achieve the same result. Because of the time limitation, certain portions from the full-time syllabi are omitted especially, from film appreciation, acting theory and sound engineering. The number of student assignments are less, compared to full-time course. Students who complete the course can join the film industry as assistants in various departments. They can also become independent film makers, film critiques and film journalists.

Timing: 6 PM to 9 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Acting Workshops and other special workshops will be held from 10.00 A.M.

Course Content

Courses Duration
Film Appreciation 45hrs
Screenplay Writing 45hrs
Cinematography 45hrs
Film Acting 60hrs
Graphics and Animation 45hrs
Editing 45hrs
Direction 45hrs

Part - Time Batches

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