MMFSA Centre for Music

MMFSA does see music, playing a much larger role than just supporting the art and craft of filmmaking. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wing to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” said Plato. “I often think in music, I live my daydreams in music, I see my life in terms of music,” said Einstein. We in MMFSA, think that it is our responsibility to teach music to the artists and the amateurs, the children and the adults and those who are body weary and mind stressed out. We want to contribute our mite to building joyous homes, creative schools and an artistically sensitive society, through music.

This is a place of excellence, joy and goal-oriented learning; a place that helps you to build your future. Here, tradition meets modernity; one generation passes on its talents to another generation. This is a place that creates opportunity for children and youth, to meet and interact with teachers and artists with profound experience, knowledge and character.


Director and Head, Department of Indian Music

Mr. N. Mammuthu is the real spirit behind the starting of the centre for music at MMFSA. Besides being its Director, he heads the Indian Music Section. Mr. Mammuthu is basically a musicologist whose contribution to widening the horizon of Isai Tamil is widely known. He has so far published ten books and more than hundred articles in leading Tamil periodicals and journals as an outcome of his musicological research. He has profound knowledge of Carnatic, Hindustani and Sufi music. Apart from research, Mr. Mammathu is passionate about promoting music teaching-learning at all levels. His study and exposition of film music in relation to different musical traditions including western tradition, is fascinating. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science. His master’s degree is in Philosophy and Religion. His M.Phil work is on Sufi music. He has been honored by seventeen awards which include honours from abroad. Mr. Mammathu is well connected with the Tamil film industry.


Head, Department of Western Music

The Western Music Division is headed by Prof. Christopher Sherwood, a well known pianist and singer. His knowledge of Western Music Theory and History, is profound. He has decades of experience of teaching piano/keyboard, singing and music theory. For long, he has been coaching students for grade examinations of Trinity College, London and Royal School of Music, London. His reputation as Conductor of choral concerts is very well known in this part of the world. His new found passion is film music. Besides music, Prof. Sherwood has a well earned reputation as a teacher of philosophy. He taught both Western Philosophy and Indan Philosopy. He headed the Department of Philosopy and Religion at American College, Madurai, for nearly three decades. Above all, his passion for teaching in general and music in particular is commendable.

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