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Welcome to MMFSA

We appreciate your passion and welcome you to visit Madurai’s first film institute. Our aim is to help you to discover your hidden talents. We are keen to equip you technically and artistically. You will walk in with confidence as you join the new generation of filmmakers.

Courses We Offer

Documentary Filmmaking for Change Makers
6-day workshop
Creative Photography
3-day workshop
2-day workshop
3-day workshop
Basics In Script and Screen Play Writing
3-day workshop
Workshop On Film Appreciation
3-day workshop
Workshop On Basics of Acting
3-day workshop

How good we are ?

What We Do

Academic Training Programmes

MMFSA runs both full-time (1 year) and Part-time (6 months) diplomas in Filmmaking Programmes. It proposes to launch a diploma programme in Sound Engineering (Four months) from the academic year 2017-18.

Short Film Competitions

In order to encourage young aspirants and promote experimentation and narrative innovation in filmmaking, MMFSA conducts Annual Short Film Competition.

Media Consultancy

MMFSA uses its in-house expertise to provide consultancies for documentary and educational filmmakers.

Film Festivals

MMFSA hosts as well organizes Film Festivals collaborating with film clubs and art academies. In organizing film festivals.

Workshops & Seminars

MMFSA periodically invites Film and Media personalities for delivering special lectures. Besides lectures on special themes that address technical issues, there is always very valuable experience sharing that inspires aspiring students.

Art Exhibitions

MMFSA sees filmmaking as a collaborative art and is keen to promote music, drawing and painting, sculpting and photography. In this regard, MMFSA collaborates with organisation of similar commitment.

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